Rick Carlino

Personal blog of FarmBot co-founder Rick Carlino.

Covering Open Source news, history and best practices.

A quick note about this site: I use this blog as a vehicle to make new professional contacts. Since you've taken the time to read this far- why not contact me via Calendly?

Hi! I'm Rick, a 35 year old software developer from the Chicago suburbs. This is my blog. It focuses mostly on technology, usually the Open Source kind. I have 10 years of professional software development experience, as well as hobbyist involvement dating back to my childhood in the late 90's (an experience which led to my current interest in computer history).

I am a co-founder and the lead software developer at FarmBot, the world's first Open Source farming machine. I helped build the initial software prototype for early versions and now oversee most day-to-day software activities at FarmBot. This involves embedded systems development (via the Elixir Nerves Framework) as well as backend and devops engineering to provide infrastructure support to the many FarmBot devices operating throughout the world.

In the past, I've worked on projects for medical payment processing, textile manufacturers, hospitality management services, non-profits, the military, and a list of consulting clients that are too numerous to name. My public work is available on my Github page.

My interest in hardware and software also led me to start Fox.Build Makerspace in St. Charles, Illinois. It's a public workshop catering to the needs of artist, entrepreneurs and engineers. If you are ever in the Chicago suburbs, feel free to stop by during one of our many events.

When I am not running the makerspace or building software at FarmBot, I enjoy ultra-distance marathon running and learning about the history of computing. I am an avid retrocomputing hobbyist. I am also obsessed with the Forth programming language.

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