. Seeking Collaborators for Projects in 2022

Rick Carlino

Personal blog of Rick Carlino, senior software engineer at Qualia Labs, co-founder of Fox.Build Makerspace. Former co-founder of FarmBot.

Seeking Collaborators for Projects in 2022


Every year, I pick a big project to pursue. Last year, my goal was to dive deep into embedded Linux and share more content on my blog. In 2022, I am looking for high-impact projects, and I don’t want to do it in isolation. I am not sure what such a project will look like. This is an open-ended solicitation for collaborators. Do you have any specific project ideas you would like to collaborate on? Do you need help building something big? I hope to find like-minded individuals to work with during 2022.

Possible Projects

I’ve made a list of some areas of interest below. These are not the only things I am interested in, and I am certainly open to other ideas. If you are working on a project that fits my areas of interest (or something else!), please reach out.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of things I would consider:

  • Advisory roles for startups and other entrepreneurial ventures
  • Content creation (new blogs, book publishing, video series, podcasting)
  • “No code” and “low code” tools
  • Programming language design
  • Developer tool and infra
  • Web3 / blockchain
  • Embedded systems, Raspberry Pi, Arduino
  • Internet of Things
  • 3D printing and CNC manufacturing.
  • Indieweb / decentralized / p2p software
  • Spaced repetition systems
  • Something else? Please contact me.

Let’s Talk

If you have a specific, articulated idea about a side project you would like to work on and have a track record of consistent involvement in these sorts of projects, please contact me via Reddit, LinkedIn, and Twitter.